Ridge Meadows RCMP launch invisibility cloaking technology

Ridge Meadows

2022-04-01 05:28 PDT

Maple Ridge, B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP are advising the public they can expect to see a new police uniform and police vehicle cruising the streets of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

Public feedback has shown citizens seek transparent means of law enforcement service delivery. While the nature of police work requires covert operation and confidentiality, the Ridge Meadows RCMP sought out a creative solution and in response have partnered with J.K. Industries.

(Pictured above is Corporal Julie Klaussner wearing the new invisibility cloaking technology uniform posing in front of a subdued decaled police car.)

J.K. Industries will be supplying the Ridge Meadows RCMP with new police uniforms which utilize special invisibility cloaking technology, allowing officers to tactically blend in with their environment. Furthermore, police cars are transitioning to subdued decaling. The new cars look similar to traditional police vehicles but feature decaling which is more transparent in nature.

Tactical use of invisibility, as we have first-hand witnessed in the movies, is one way for police to utilize the element of surprise when catching offenders, states Corporal Julie Klaussner. Citizens can expect to see (or maybe not see) these new uniforms and police car starting this week.

Corporal Julie KLAUSSNER
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows Detachment
Main Office: (604)463-6251
Direct Line: (604) 467-7647

GRC de Ridge Meadows / Gouvernement du Canada

***Special foot note: Please note date of media release. We’re pretty sure an invisibility uniform is not possible (at this time) but the car decaling is real. Watch for it in our communities starting this week. The Ridge Meadows RCMP is fully committed to providing the public with transparent information through our website, social media platforms and our community dashboard.***


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