Traffic enforcement update

Ridge Meadows

2022-03-25 11:07 PDT

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Maple Ridge, B.C. – Ridge Meadow’s RCMP are continuing to remind drivers to check their speed while driving.

Photo of police officer stopping a White car which was speeding

On March 18, police published a media release announcing 6 vehicles were impounded for excessive speeding. The enforcement continued this week.

On March 24, the Ridge Meadows RCMP Road Safety Target Team (RSTT) was joined by their Speed Watch volunteers to engage in a Three-strike initiative. The Three-strike initiative is a traffic enforcement effort which provides drivers multiple opportunities to adjust their driving behavior before a violation ticket is issued. If drivers don’t adhere to the posted speed limit signage (strike 1), the Speed Watch team provides driver speed feedback through a large speed reader display which is located a short distance from the posted speed sign (strike 2). Even further down the road is the RCMP’s RSTT who stop and issue a violation ticket to drivers who still haven’t adjusted their driving behavior accordingly (strike 3).

The initiative yesterday was also visited by representatives from the City of Maple Ridge and ICBC who stopped by to support the Three-strike campaign.

The results of Thursday’s initiative are;

Traffic speed concerns are one of the leading complaints we receive from our citizens, states Inspector Adam Gander. Imagine how terrible you would feel if you caused a collision or fatality due to speeding. We are continuing enforcement efforts throughout Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows regularly.

Released by
Inspector Adam Gander
Ridge Meadows RCMP

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