What do a “Black Cat” and “Scarecrow” have in common?

Ridge Meadows

2021-05-10 14:00 PDT

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Maple Ridge, B.C- Ridge Meadows RCMP is launching two road safety initiatives in response to public request and input.

Throughout the year police receive multiple requests to enhance road safety and target speeding. These concerns were also a defining priority established during the pubic feedback portion as part of last year’s strategic planning process. In response, the Ridge Meadows RCMP’s Road Safety Target Team (RSTT) is introducing two new initiatives for the community; A Black Cat and a Scarecrow.

The Black Cat is a specialized recorder which collects traffic and driving behavioral information. It is not punitive and it is not an enforcement tool but provides accurate and unbiased traffic information through data collection as events occur in real time. It can be placed in areas of public complaints and is utilized to pinpoint areas, and times of day, where people are driving specific roadways and routes which will then assist police in the best deployment of their resources.

The Scarecrow is a life-sized picture cut-out of one of our very own Ridge Meadows RCMP Constables. It is not uncommon for someone to see police radar enforcement resulting in drivers slowing down in reaction. Standing in a traffic radar pose the Scarecrow is placed on roadways encouraging drivers to check their speed and provide them an opportunity to adjust their driving behavior without penalty.

Speeding increases your chances of crashing, said Kate Woochuk, local ICBC road safety coordinator. When you slow down, you see more of the road and have more time to react. Slow down and be realistic about travel times to reduce your risk of crashing and arrive at your destination safely.

The citizens of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows have let police know that speeding is a top concern. Well, you asked and we heard you, states Sergeant Glen Roberts of the RSTT. The Black Cat and Scarecrow are new ways for Ridge Meadows RCMP to get creative in response to the public’s concerns around road safety.

Released by
Constable Julie Klaussner
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows RCMP

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