Road Safety Team targets distracted driving

Ridge Meadows

2021-03-15 12:13 PDT

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Maple Ridge, B.C. – The Ridge Meadows RCMP’s Road Safety Target Team (RSTT) is reminding drivers that distracted driving continues to be a serious issue.


At the end of February, RCMP partner and stakeholder, ICBC, released stats which show that more than one quarter (27 percent) of all car crash fatalities in BC are related to distracted or inattentive driving. On average, 78 deaths occur every year as a result of distracted driving and it is now the second leading contributing factor in car crash fatalities.

On Friday, March 12, as part of their regular duties, the RSTT performed an initiative with the purpose of spotting and identifying drivers not adhering to laws around using electronic devices while driving. As a result, police found the following offenses;

Even short glances away from the road increases your risk of crashing, states Kate Woochuk, local ICBC road safety coordinator. Make sure you have everything you need before hitting the road. Staying focused when you drive should be your top priority. Leave your phone alone.

Sergeant Glen Roberts states, It’s so simple, just leave the phone alone. Imagine how you would feel if you killed someone, or how your family would feel if you died simply because you were looking at your phone while driving. All we want is for people to be safe.

March is Distracted Driving month.

Released by
Constable Julie Klaussner
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows RCMP

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