Ridge Meadows RCMP launch Project C.O.R.E.

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2021-02-11 09:15 PST

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Maple Ridge, B.C. – Ridge Meadows RCMP are launching a new three-month pilot initiative intended to enhance visibility, facilitate outreach and support services and assist enforcement in downtown Maple Ridge.

Throughout 2020 the Ridge Meadows RCMP embarked on a unique strategic planning initiative resulting in five pillars of focus being identified through community consultation;

  1. Communication and Education
  2. Crime Reduction and Community Safety
  3. Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Partnerships and Collaboration
  5. Organizational Excellence

Today, Ridge Meadows RCMP are launching Project C.O.R.E, a pilot project in support of pillars two and four of the strategic plan; Crime Reduction and Education, Partnerships and Collaboration.

Project C.O.R.E, an acronym for the following priorities, Community Policing, Outreach, Response and Enforcement, is a three-month pilot program. The project will be intelligence led with information being shared with the City of Maple Ridge’s Community Social Safety Initiative (CSSI) program in an effort to collaboratively address ongoing community issues.

Our community spoke up and, as with any new initiative, there needs to be a balance between resourcing and goal achievement, states Inspector Wendy Mehat, but ultimately this project is about enhancing how we connect services in our community with those who need help while simultaneously providing effective enforcement of police authorities.

The three-month project will be reviewed after the pilot period to create future strategies on how to best focus police resources in the community.

Released by
Constable Julie Klaussner
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows RCMP

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