80 impaired drivers caught in June

Ridge Meadows

2020-07-07 12:06 PDT

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Maple Ridge BC – Ridge Meadows RCMP and ICBC are encouraging drivers to be responsible, and police will be looking for impaired drivers at CounterAttack roadchecks throughout the summer.

In February of this year police announced Project Domino Effect, an initiative targeting impaired driving. Sadly, impaired driving numbers continue to increase. Throughout the month of June, the Ridge Meadows RCMP removed 80 impaired drivers from our roads.

The upcoming month of July is the start of the Provincial Summer Impaired Driving campaign and police are worried. These are alarming numbers going into the summer driving season when more families are on the roads and people are travelling for holidays.

Superintendent Jennifer Hyland states, These are our family and friends who are getting hurt or killed by someone who has made the decision to drive while impaired. It is concerning people still think this is ok.

Constable Julie Klaussner states that some people are getting the message. This past Sunday morning we did notice vehicles parked overnight in the lots of local restaurants and pubs. This suggests some people are making the decision to keep their community safe and plan a safe ride home and we applaud those individuals. But clearly, the numbers indicate many more are not choosing to be responsible citizens.

As a result of the June impaired driving enforcement results, three more Ridge Meadows constables have become part of Alexa’s team, the provincial program named in honour of four year old Alexa Middelaer who was killed by an impaired driver in 2008. They join Constable J. Rouillier who had already qualified by February.

Congratulations to Constables, M. Wagner, J. Ludeman, and P. Ethier for their hard work removing impaired drivers from the road and making the Alexa’s team, states Superintendent Hyland. Unfortunately, this is a bittersweet accolade as it simply means more people are driving while impaired.

Please plan a safe ride home.

The Alexa’s team program recognizes Police officers that are dedicated to the removal of impaired drivers off the roads. To qualify, each officer must complete 12 impaired driving investigations in a year.

Released by
Constable Julie Klaussner
Media Relations Officer
Ridge Meadows RCMP
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