Sooke RCMP assumes investigation into missing person Melissa McDevitt

Sooke, Missing Person

2022-12-12 12:52 PST

File # 2022-5189

Melissa McDevitt with short hair

The Sooke RCMP have assumed conduct of the investigation for missing person, Melissa McDevitt, from the Victoria Police Department.

VicPD’s initial investigation led to the discovery of McDevitt’s vehicle in Sooke at the Charters River / Hatchery parking lot on Sooke River Road on December 10, 2022.

Grey vehicle belonging to Melissa McDevitt

A ground search was initiated immediately, led by Juan de Fuca Search and Rescue and supplemented by the Sooke RCMP, RCMP Air Services and Police Dog Services.

On December 11, 2022, surveillance video was located that captured McDevitt as she entered the trails from the parking lot. McDevitt was wearing a burgundy coloured long sleeved top, blue pants, and carrying two hiking poles.

CCTV image of Melissa McDevitt


Video description: Melissa McDewitt walks along a path.


Search and Rescue efforts continue today.

Melissa McDevitt is 38 years old and described as neuro-divergent and may initially appear to show signs of cognitive delay. McDevitt is five feet tall, slim, weighing 105 pounds. She has alopecia but may be wearing a wig or have short, dyed, rainbow coloured hair.

Melissa McDevitt

Anyone in the Charters River / Sooke Potholes area who saw McDevitt through the weekend is asked to please call their local police. 

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