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SAFE Plan (School Action for Emergencies)

Are you Prepared?

What is the SAFE Plan?

The SAFE (School Action for Emergencies) Plan is an operational computer database that was released nationally in September 2007. This police tool delivers site-specific emergency response plans to help front-line members respond efficiently and effectively to critical incidents. The initiative is part of the RCMP’s ongoing commitment to youth and to building safer communities.

Why was it developed?

Police officers have identified the urgent need for an effective operational planning and support tool when responding to serious school incidents. The tragic situations that occurred at Columbine, Taber, Dawson College, Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and other school incidents revealed challenges and gaps in information accessibility and police response protocols. This has led to the development of law enforcement programs that relate to specific campuses or buildings.

When can it be used?

The SAFE Plan can be applied in any school event or situation that requires police deployment of resources, including:

Information found in the SAFE Plan is not limited to these critical occurrences. It can be applied in any school response.

How is it used?

A SAFE Plan gives responding police instant and mobile access to locations, details and photos for:

A SAFE Plan also includes school contacts, floor plans, aerial photos, maps, look down procedures and other site-specific emergency response information. This helps law enforcement and other emergency service providers work together and act quickly in critical incidents occurring at schools.

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