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People use money in every day transactions often without realizing that they have used a counterfeit bill. If you think you may have a counterfeit bill or have had received one recently, they are many things that you can do before reporting it to the police.

How do I spot a Counterfeit bill?

To check if a bill is counterfeit, simply remember the following slogan:

Touch the billTOUCH: the bill. A real bill will feel thicker. The large number text on left side is also another clue that the bill is not a fake.


Tilt the billTILT: the bill. Watch for the colour-shift. Tiny letters CAN and the number that matches the note’s value are printed on the dashes.


Look through the billLOOK: through the bill. Security features are visible when the note is held to a light source.


look at the appearanceLOOK: at the appearance and action of each security feature carefully.



What should you do if you suspect a counterfeit?

It is against the law to knowingly use or re-circulate a counterfeit bill, or to keep one without a lawful reason. If you suspect that you have been given a counterfeit note, you should:

The onus is on all of us to recognize, report and stop the use of such money.

For further information on Counterfeit Currency click on the image below for follow the link to Bank of Canada Bank Notes.


Picture of 50 dollar bill

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