Programs and Services

Auxiliary Program
This is a volunteer group of citizens that receive extensive police training and have peace officer status. The Revelstoke Detachment currently has 4 Auxiliary Constables to assist members with Community Policing programs.

Crime Stoppers
Crime Stoppers is a completely anonymous program that works in association with the public, the media, and the police to solve crime and make Revelstoke a safer place to live. Revelstoke Crime Stoppers can be found at:

Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Members in charge of this program aid and give grade 5 students the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. This is a primary prevention program that involves the community, schools, and law enforcement agencies.

Non-Criminal Fingerprinting
The Revelstoke RCMP utilizes an electronic fingerprinting device to obtain and submit fingerprints for non-criminal purposes. This is done for such reasons as vulnerable sector checks. Non-Criminal Fingerprints are taken from noon to 3:30 pm each Wednesday due to demand.

Integrated Forensic Identification Section
This particular section is responsible for the examination and collection of all evidence at crime scenes and ensuring it is processed and prepared for court. FIS can assist with murder investigations, grow operations, vehicle searches, search warrants, stolen vehicles, break and enter, sexual assaults, etc.

General Duty
General Duty Policing are our front-line emergency response team, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. General Duty involves all aspects of preventative and investigative police work. The General Duty members are the first responders to all calls for service from the community and their partners.

General Investigation Section
The General Investigation Section is responsible for conducting long term investigations into drug trafficking, missing persons, domestic violence, sexual assaults and crimes against youth. 

Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU)
IRSU focuses on enforcing the Motor Vehicle Act and the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations within the Detachment jurisdiction. IRSU works in close partnership with surrounding detachments and traffic services.

Police Information Checks
The Revelstoke RCMP conducts Police Information Checks (formerly known as Criminal Record checks) for volunteer, employment and immigration purposes. These checks provide information as to applicants registered criminal records as well as any adverse contact with police.

School Liaison Officer
The SLO is responsible for assigning General Duty members a specific school to ensure positive interaction with youth, and to assist all schools within the community to deal with policing issues.

Search and Rescue
The Revelstoke Search and Rescue team is a group of volunteers from the community who have vast knowledge of the area, and are highly trained to assist policing agencies with emergency responses.

Summer Enforcement Unit
This unit involves public relations and proactive mountain bike and boat patrols during the summer months in all areas of the community.

Trans-Canada Traffic Services
This unit’s focus is primarily on enforcing the Motor Vehicle Act within the Detachment policing jurisdiction, working in close partnership with the surrounding Detachments and the Integrated Road Safety Unit (IRSU).

Victims Services
This program is managed by a coordinator and is assisted by volunteers. This program provides assistance to victims of crime and their families. It also assists those involved in other unfortunate traumatic situations.

Winter Enforcement Unit
This unit provides proactive snowmobile and ski patrols during the winter months in all areas of the community. Recent focus of this unit is on sled theft prevention and safety in the back country.

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