Citizens Volunteer Bike Patrol

The Maple Ridge Volunteer Bicycle Patrol Program sponsored by ICBC, launched in August 2003, serves as a crime deterrent during rides through local neghbourhoods. The main focus of the Program is being eyes and ears for the RCMP, reporting all suspicious, criminal and nuisance behaviour they observe. This involves team patrols maintaining contact with their own dispatcher and the RCMP dispatch as needed. Not limited to just patrols, the Citizens Volunteer Bike Patrol assist with Stolen Auto Recovery, community events, bicycle safety training, and security assessments.

 volunteer bike patrol checking vehicle

 Benefits of becoming a volunteer bicycle member:

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To become a Citizen on Patrol Volunteer you must:

If you are interested in this program or one of our other volunteer programs please contact Charlene Hargreaves, our Volunteer Coordinator at 604-467-7644. 

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