Speed Watch

SpeedWatch on 128 Avenue

Speed Watch Program is a community-based volunteer program designed to help reduce speed-related crashes by making drivers more aware of the actual speeds they are traveling.

Volunteers, trained by the police, use portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board to monitor speeds in neighbourhoods where local residents have reported incidents of unsafe speed to the police.

Often these are school and playground zones. Drivers get instant feedback, as their speed is displayed on the reader board as they pass by.

The volunteers keep records and return these to the police to help with enforcement planning.

SpeedWatch on Dewdney Trunk Road

If your interested in this program or one of our other volunteer programs please contact Charlene Hargreaves our Volunteer Coordinator at 604 467-7644, and she can discuss with you which program that may work for you.  
All Volunteers are subject to a Criminal Records Check.

You can also visit ICBC's website for more information on the Speed Watch Program.

                                                                         SpeedWatch sign

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