Crime Prevention and Protecting Yourself

As part of our effort to promote public safety and reduce the fear of crime we have provided practical community safety information and crime prevention tips and tools that may be of use in keeping you, your family and community safe.

We all have a role to play in keeping our homes and communities safe. No matter who you are, there are steps you can take to help prevent crime where you live, work or play.

Personal and public safety is everyone's responsibility – play an active role in crime reduction!

Follow the links below for tips, tools and resources to help you protect yourself, your home or business, and your neighbourhood and community from common crimes and other important public safety issues.

For information on public safety and crime prevention topics not listed here, please feel free to contact our Crime Prevention Coordinators or visit Public Safety Canada.

Ridge-Meadows Detachment's Coordinator for volunteer programs is Mr. Clint Van Blanken.

For information on volunteer programs, crime prevention or to become a volunteer contact either Charlene Hargreaves or Clint Van Blanken at 604-463-6251 or fax 604-467-7633.

Crime Prevention Topics



Know Your Stuff

Ridge Meadows RCMP's Crime Prevention Team are encouraging citizens to help protect themselves. Do you 'Know Your Stuff"?

Most people know they should record serial numbers and other identifying features of valuables that are inside their homes.  For most this information is not required, but what if your valued items went missing?  Can you describe these in sufficient detail that police will have the ability to return them to you if they locate them?

We are hoping citizens will help themselves by printing off the attached forms and recording serial numbers and taking digital photos of any item of value in and around their homes.  The top form is for general items (electronics, jewelry, etc.) from the house; while the second form is for bikes.

Know Your Stuff

Bicycle Registration Form


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