Ridge Meadows RCMP Need Volunteers for All Our Programs

General Applications - Charlene Hargreaves 604 467-7644 or Clint van Blanken 604 476-6916
Can't decide which volunteer program is for you? Contact Charlene at 604 467-7644 to discuss which program may work for you. Applications can be picked up at the front counter of the main Detachment office located at 11990 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, B.C.

The Pitt Meadows Community Police office is actively seeking volunteers to work at the Community Police Office in Pitt Meadows, so if that is something that interests you please drop by the Community Police Office located at 12027 Harris Road in Pitt Meadows, BC for an application and we can discuss the volunteer opportunities for your community.

All Volunteers are subject to a Criminal Records Check. Volunteer applications for the Community Policing Office are available at the CPO in Pitt Meadows. For more info on our CPO, please click here.

auxiliary badgeAuxiliary Constables - Charlene Hargreaves 604 467-7644                                  Uniformed, unarmed Volunteers who complete an intense training program and are required to commit 160 hours minimum per year, perform community and crime prevention initiatives. Auxiliary members work under supervision of a regular member.


block watch logoBlock Watch Program - Clint van Blanken 604-476-6916
Neighbour helping neighbour. Families on a block form a communication chain aided by a block map of names, telephone numbers and addresses. They watch out for each other's homes and report suspicious activities to the police and each other to reduce the likelihood of residential crime.


Citizens on Patrol van Citizens on Patrol  -  Charlene Hargreaves - 604 467-7644

Citizens on Patrol volunteers act as the "eyes and ears" of the police. In pairs, they patrol the streets of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows in both marked and personal vehicles and, using radio equipment, report suspicious and criminal activities to the police. Occasionally, volunteers will also include random foot patrols during their shift on Fridays and Saturdays. In addition to the regular components of the program, volunteers also perform other important initiatives, such as the Stolen Auto Recovery program and Parking Lot Audit program. These highly trained volunteers also attend RCMP CounterAttack road checks to offer their assistance.

Citizens Volunteer Bike Patrol logo.Citizens Volunteer Bike Patrol – Charlene Hargreaves     604 467-7644
The Maple Ridge Volunteer Bicycle Patrol Program sponsored by ICBC, launched in August 2003, serves as a crime deterrent during rides through local neighbourhoods. The main focus of the Program is being eyes and ears for the RCMP, reporting all suspicious, criminal and nuisance behavior they observe. This involves team patrols maintaining contact with their own dispatcher and the RCMP dispatch as needed. Not Limited to just patrols, the Citizens Volunteer Bike Patrol assist with Stolen Auto Recovery, community events, bicycle safety training, and security assessments.

Learn more at bc.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action


crime free multi housing logoCrime-Free Multi-Housing Program - Clint van Blanken 604 476-6916
A program designed to help residents, owners, and mangers of rental property, keep drugs and other illegal activity off their property. The RCMP is looking for someone interested in maintaining the existing program and perhaps expanding it.



Speed Watch Trailer Speed Watch - Charlene Hargreaves 604 467-7644
Speed Watch is an education and awareness program designed to reduce the instances of speed on municipal roadways in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. Volunteers attend certain high speed locations and, using a radar unit and digital reader board, display and record vehicle speeds. Vehicles clocked at 15 kph or more over the speed limit will receive a letter or student "ticket" by mail. At this time we are increasing the calibre of our Speed Watch program by offering more interesting training opportunities and including problem solving anti-speed strategies as part of the regular program.

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