Police Mental Health Intervention Unit

Surrey RCMP’s Police Mental Health Intervention Unit is dedicated to responding to clients with mental health needs who have contact with police and require an emergency response. The unit works in partnership with various health and community agencies.

The unit provides an enhanced police response that is informed, effective and safe in situations involving significant mental health issues. The unit deals with immediate mental health incidents that require first responders as well as the ongoing management of high risk clients with mental health needs.

The Police Mental Health Intervention Unit includes:

Car 67

Car 67 is a partnership between Surrey RCMP and Fraser Health. The program has a specially trained RCMP member and clinical nurse responding to police calls for service involving mental health issues.

Police Mental Health Liaison

The Police Mental Health Liaison officer works with community partners and agencies to provide long term solutions for individuals whose mental health needs directly impact their contact with police. Clients either have a significant number of police contacts related to their mental health needs or high risk incidents where mental health is a significant component.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team Constable

The Assertive Community Treatment Team Constable works directly with Fraser Health’s two ACT teams by engaging in outreach activities with mental health clinicians. The goal is to assist the ACT team in the safe execution of their duties and utilize the police officer for safety planning, problem solving and risk management. This officer also partners with a mental health clinician and a concurrent disorder therapist to complete outreach for clients who with mental health needs who require more intensive follow up to connect with appropriate resources.

Other Mental Health Services

Surrey Mental Health and Addiction Centres (8:30am - 4:30pm)
Surrey North East West and Central areas Tel: 604-953-4900
South Surrey and White Rock areas Tel: 604-541-6844

Fraser Health Crisis Line (24 hours)
Tel: 604-951-8855 or 1-877-820-7444

Drug and Alcohol Information and Referral Line (24 hours)
Tel: 604-660-9382

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