Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) is designed to help owners, managers and residents keep illegal and nuisance activity off rental property. Certified rental properties mean that the building owners and managers have taken positive steps to promote effective management to improve the health of the community, and the quality of life for residents by developing an environment where crime cannot flourish.


Three Steps to Success

Phase I: Management Training
Building managers attend training sessions where they learn about the principles of the program, crime prevention tips and applicant screening.

Phase II: Property Security Assessment
A police representative will conduct a thorough security assessment of the property (interior and exterior) and provide recommendations for improvement.

Phase III: Safety Social and Manager Meetings
The Safety Social is hosted by the Building Managers. It is an opportunity for managers and residents to get together to address safety and security issues and share improvement ideas. Upon request, RCMP representatives can attend and provide residents with safety and security tips. The Manager Meetings are hosted by the CFMH Coordinator. These meetings are held regularly to provide Building Managers an opportunity to get together to discuss best practices in crime prevention. A guest speaker (legal professional or security expert) is invited to give a brief presentation.

What You Will Learn

I. Prevention & Applicant Screening

II. Drug Nuisance Abatement

Successful completion of these three steps results in an apartment community being fully certified in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. The property will then be able to display the CFMH sign and to use the CFMH logo in its rental advertising.

Regular reviews and annual re-certification ensure that the certified apartment community continues to meet the CFMH program requirements.


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