Surrey RCMP welcomes new Summer Safety Specialist


2016-06-22 08:01 PDT

Surrey RCMP is saying goodbye for now to a unique Mountie who has helped us deal with the cold winter weather and hello, sunshine to a new face that will be joining us this summer.

Corporal Cayden Crisp has left his Cold Weather Specialist post here in Surrey as summer arrives in the Lower Mainland. Griping about beach bums and flower hats, he was last heard mumbling about migrating to a locale in the far north to impart his winter safety expertise. Cpl. Crisp’s impact on the City of Surrey was felt in many areas, especially with property crime, which dropped 11% during the first quarter of 2016. As he heads off to help the next RCMP detachment in need of some extra cold crime prevention punch, he promises he’ll be back when the weather isn’t so sticky.

But don’t fear, the Surrey RCMP still have your crime prevention needs covered. Just as we say goodbye to one RCMP celebrity, we say hello to another.

Cpl. Crisp’s distant cousin – Sergeant Sonja Soleil - has arrived at Surrey detachment for the summer season. Picking up where her cousin left off, Sgt. Soleil will be bringing her sunny disposition to our fair city to share her summer safety tips with residents on the Surrey RCMP’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter).

This city is so beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly, says Sgt. Soleil. With my help, we’re going to have the safest, sunniest summer ever here in Surrey!

Starting this week, Sgt. Soleil will be joining the detachment’s Bike Unit as they patrol the city on two wheels keeping the city safe in areas inaccessible by vehicles like parks and forested areas.

I can’t wait to spend my time here soaking up all the positive energy – and of course sunshine – from all the beautiful people of Surrey, says Sgt. Soleil as she sips some lemonade. I’m really excited to educate them about how to keep their homes, families and personal property safe from crime this summer.

We are excited to have Sgt. Soleil join us this summer, says Sergeant Alanna Dunlop. She’s proven to be a very hot commodity in any town she visits by dissuading thieves and encouraging residents to be extra diligent. Feel free to say hi to her at some of our city’s events and at the beach and parks this summer.

Sgt. Soleil with Cpl. Crisp in the background with the text "Crisp can't take the heat, but Sgt. Soleil can"

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