Something special for Canada 150 - Video


2017-06-30 06:30 PDT

The Richmond RCMP wanted to do something special for #Canada150

Our journey started by meeting up with a pretty cool company on the south end of Richmond – one with a full-size ball hockey rink for their employees. So serious their conviction, that they placed a loonie at center ice. It doesn’t get any more Canadian than that.

A light bulb moment ensued and we thought, hmmm, this can work.

To our #Canada150 recipe we added some Mounties clad in red. Next, we stirred in folks from our local community representing the wonderful diversity that is Canada. Then, we carefully sprinkled in some hockey sticks, added one supersized Canadian flag, and heaped in a generous serving of smiles. Finally, we set it to simmer in the warm sun beside the backdrop of the Fraser River…

We present, our #Canada150 moment, brought to life in Richmond, British Columbia.

Proudly Canadian. #WeStandTogether


Audio: Canadian Anthem

Text: We Stand Together

Mounties in red serge and civilians in red shirts gather in a hockey rink in front of the Fraser River while holding a large Canada flag.

Text: Richmond RCMP, Happy Birthday Canada

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Members and Civilians hold Canada Flag

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