Turn your house lights on where it is safe - not while driving in your vehicle!

North Vancouver

2017-10-30 11:27 PDT

File # 2017-28259

house light - exterior

A North Vancouver driver found out the hard way that while driving a vehicle it is safer and cheaper to not attempt to turn on the house lights using a new app on your mobile phone.

This incident unfolded on Indian River Drive, North Vancouver on Friday, October 27, 2017 at approximately 9:30 pm. While driving her vehicle and only a few blocks from home, the lone female driver attempted to turn on her house lights using a new phone app. In attempting to do so she became distracted, driving into a nearby steep ditch, flipping the vehicle on its side.

The driver admitted to police to performing this illegal and dangerous maneuver while driving, said Cpl. Richard De Jong of the North Vancouver RCMP. Fortunately no one was injured, considering that the outcome could potentially have had dramatic negative consequences.

The 71-year-old driver was issued a violation ticket for driving while using an electronic device.

For more information on distracted driving go the RCMP.CA and ICBC websites.

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