Spring May Come - Are you Ready?


2017-04-13 13:35 PDT

File # 2017-Spring

It may be hard to believe, but soon there should be warm weather….

I know its wishful thinking but it is timely to remind residents about some inherent crime and safety risks associated with the coming of spring.

Corporal Holly LARGY, spokesperson for Langley RCMP, When the warmer weather finally arrives, many will choose to leave doors and windows open to welcome the fresh air and sunshine. Please remember to consider security as well. It’s easy to forget windows have been left open as you head to bed and unfortunately, this gives the criminal an opportunity. Make sure you do one last pass around the house in the evening to make sure all the possible entrance points have been properly secured.

Photograph of an open window
Also, with respect to open windows, inevitably emergency services get calls every spring for a young child who has fallen from an upper level window. Sometimes the screen pops out, sometimes there is no screen. If you have young children, please take the time to cordon off the area around your windows. The potential for tragedy is very real and entirely preventable.

Many campers will now be bringing their recreational vehicles (trailer, motorhome, fifth wheel, etc.) home to prep for the summer camping season. Police has seen an increase in recent years of theft of batteries from RV’s. If your batteries aren’t secured behind a lock, you may want to consider removing the batteries from your RV and storing them in your garage or in a secure area.

One final consideration on the Break and Enter front… Many people are starting the Spring Cleanup and have ladders around the house for window washing and the like. The ladder offers the culprits a key to your upper floors… Where you may have thought the windows were not a risk because they are second floor, they are now wide open for criminals with your offered staircase.

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