White Rock RCMP receive thank you from future community leaders

White Rock

2017-10-04 08:16 PDT

White Rock RCMP police officers attended a thank you celebration hosted by Laura’s Coffee and Myra Merkal-organizer of the White Rock Princess Party. White Rock RCMP police officers were presented with a banner that said Thank you RCMP and 100’s of colored sheets thanking them for the service they provide in the community. The coloring sheets were colored at the 8th annual White Rock Princess Party held in July.

Princess Belle surrounded by RCMP officers in front of thank you coloured pictures.

Princess Belle led the celebration with story time, police dress up and checking out the inside of the police car.

Children sitting outside as Princess Belle reads them a story. 4 yr old girl standing in front of a police car wearing a red serge uniform.

It's really flattering to know that so many parents are teaching their kids, at such a young age, that police are approachable and friendly. The pages that they coloured for us made us all feel appreciated. White Rock is such an amazing community. Staff Sergeant Creighton said.

RCMP are heroes colored picture.


To finish up the event, Princess Belle allowed everyone to make one special wish- including Staff Sergeant Creighton who was sprinkled with fairy dust and wished for For the Edmonton Oilers to win the Stanley Cup and World Peace.

Staff Sgt. Creighton kneeling in front of Princess Belle as she sprinkles fairy dust over him with RCMP officers watching in the background.

The White Rock Princess Party is a charity event which is raising money for the White Rock all abilities park. For more information on this event or the park please go to: https://www.wrprincessparty.com

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