Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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Picture of an anti-theft device attached to the steering wheel.

Police advise several things you can do to prevent theft from your vehicle.

Ridge Meadows - RCMP give citizens tips on how they can prevent theft from their vehicles.

Feature photo of Constable's Sparks and Moore monitoring speeds on Telosky hill.

Ridge Meadows RCMP are to target intersections in order to reduce harm reduction.

- Ridge Meadows RCMP are watching intersections in an effort to reduce crashes, and lessen chances for getting injured.

Picture of a Community Mailbox.

Police and Canada Post want people to be vigilent toward mail theft.

Ridge Meadows - Ridge Meadows RCMP and Canada Post Security & Investigations are asking citizens to help prevent mail thefts from occurring.

With increased vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic Ridge Meadows RCMP increase safety monitoring on roads.

Ridge Meadows - With the summer increase in people on local roads, Ridge Meadows RCMP aim to keep people safe while travelling.