Community Programs Unit

The Community Programs Unit is composed of regular members of the RCMP. They are the team that is responsible for high visibility in the downtown core. They utilize a collaborative approach with community partners to solve on-going safety concerns/problems, including repeat calls for service.

Within the CPU is the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). This team takes the collaborative approach even further. Specially trained police officers are focused on intervening a crisis response with respect to those in the community that are experiencing a mental health crisis. Community partners and agencies work together to assist these individuals with the goal of diverting from the criminal justice system , if possible.
Some agencies that work with the CIT include: Fraser Health, Mental Health team, BC Ambulance service, staff at Ridge Meadows Hospital, including outreach health workers, Alouette Addictions, Westridge security, Ridge Meadows RCMP, Salvation army outreach team, and Adult probation.

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